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IOTA Videos (828)

IOTA Ledger of Everything - Internet of Things Industry 4.0

IOTA explained in 2 minutes!

Distributed Ledger Tech with David Sønstebø, Co-Founder of IOTA

How IOTA Tangle Technology will Impact the Future of the Global Supply Chain

IOTA - 100 Billion Reasons Why

IOTA & Eclipse launch the Tangle EE Working Group

Putting the Proof back in to Proof of Concept with IOTA - live from the bIOTAsphere @ Arup

Developer Insights - Insure My Car Proof of Concept

carVertical.CITY platform: bringing IoT benefits to the everyday life

EDAG CityBot

3 things you need to know about IOTA!

IOTA - Cue the revolution (Qubic explained!)

IOTA - is it useful?

IOTA - Challenging the Status Quo

IOTA, capable of replacing money itself?

IOTA by the numbers

Data: Fuel of the future

IOTA Insights Volume 1

Teaser IOTA End of Year Event | Berlin - 2019 celebration & 2020 outlook

IOTA End of Year Event | Berlin - 2019 celebration & 2020 outlook

IOTA Berlin Meetup: Defining Moments 2019 - Outlook 2020 | Community present giveaway

IOTA Meetup Karlsruhe - 10.12.19 - FZI

The highlights of 2019 - ElaadNL

Cities of the future: IOTA, Jaguar Land Rover, Engie Lab Crigen & Entra showcase energy traceability

IOTA launches the Industry Marketplace: the world’s first decentralized marketplace for Industry 4.0

Industry Marketplace: Thorsten Kroke, General Manager at eCl@ss., talks about the marketplace

Industry Marketplace: Dr. Jörg Nagel, Managing Director at Neoception, talks about the marketplace

Industry Marketplace: Dr. Jan Allenberg, Head of Development at WeWash, talks about the marketplace

Industry Marketplace Demonstration | How entities interact & participate

IOTA & City of Austin, Texas Meet-up with Dominik Schiener (Co-Founder of IOTA) & Guest Speakers

IOTA, Dell Technologies, and Linux Foundation Collaborate on Rebuilding our Trust in Data

Machine Money: Empowering Devices with Wallets

IOTA, Distributed Ledger Technology, in Protecting our Rainforests

IOTA - Dominik Schiener - Trust in Our Connected World @ InnoVEX Taipei

IOTA - Deep Dive | Meetup 05/2019

Integrating IOTA in Under 2.5 hours using IOTA Hub

Pay a robot with crypto (IOTA) to work

HelloIOTA Roundup #1: #IOTA x Jaguar Land Rover, Austin Smart City, DWF, Blockchain for Refugees

HelloIOTA Roundup #2: #IOTA, KPMG, automotive industry (VW, BMW, Ford, Bosch, VdA) BOSCH, #IoT #IIoT

HelloIOTA #3: #IOTA Evrythng, Alyx, Avery Dennison, Lidbot, Smartfarmers, German government, TMForum

HelloIOTA Roundup #4: #IOTA Coordinator explanation video, HONDA GM, delion, Konica Minolta, RWTH

HelloIOTA Roundup #5: #IOTA #Coordicide explained ELI5

HelloIOTA Roundup #6: #IOTA Coordicide, Eric Wall, Fraunhofer, Biilabs, Nextdrive, Birdz Veolia

HelloIOTA Roundup #7: #IOTA and Bosch, OMG standardization, TMForum, Coordicide, Qubic

HelloIOTA Roundup #8: #IOTA, Trinity security audit, smart cities, Primority, eHealth, Biilabs,

HelloIOTA Roundup #9 #IOTA #Coordicide news

HelloIOTA is back: Summer Roundup: EDAG, Zuhlke, Linux Foundation, new IF members

HelloIOTA: Don't be like Joe (IOTA history)

HelloIOTA #IOTA Roundup #010 Binance CityXChange Bosch Telekom Deutsche Bahn Qubic JEITA e-shelter

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup #011 FIWARE, Alvarium, Dell, Linux, Intel, Munich Meetup, PeerOS, Hub

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 012 Coordicide BOSCH, VW, PwC, #IOTA

4K HelloIOTA Roundup 013 Trinity,Pompliano, coordicide,bee,hornet,roadmap,#IOTA magazine,Convergence

HelloIOTA Focus 001: PeerOS (based on IOTA)

(4K) HelloIOTA Focus #002 Lidbot #IOTA

HelloIOTA Focus 003 Hans Moog Tangle Multiverse + IOTA tipsel explained (Proof of Work, Consensus..)

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 014 JINN, Volkswagen, Jaguar Landrover, STMicroelectronics and more #IOTA

HelloIOTA Focus 004: Deposy #IOTA

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 015 Hyperledger, Richard Soley, German government, Coordicide+ much more IOTA

HelloIOTA Focus 005 Easy Seed Saver (also for Ledger Nano etc.)

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 016: Dominik Schiener, Digital Identity,Biilabs,MoBi, Bosch, VW, Deposy #IOTA

HelloIOTA Roundup 017 Berlin Meetup, Banks, Smart Farming, EDAG, Research update, Coordicide #IOTA

HelloIOTA Roundup 018 Christmas edition: Karlsruhe meetup, Omoku, new #IOTA Roadmap in-depth

HelloIOTA interview with #IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 019 - #IOTA Community, RSA / VDF, 2019 review, 2020 preview, JINN

HelloIOTA 020: Patents, Industry 4.0, CES, Biilabs, ThingsLab, Untangled

HelloIOTA Roundup 021: EinfachIOTA, STM, Cretec robot, Gartner, IoT, Research, Skaly, Software AG

HelloIOTA Roundup 022:progress update, GaiaX, Fundstrat, Metalpay, coordicide, HORNET, lidbot #IOTA

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 023: Bittrex AMA, Jinn news, Yocto,, Scaaler

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 024: Jinn, Come from Beyond, Chrysalis, Coordicide Alphanet GoShimmer #IOTA

HelloIOTA Roundup 025: Qubic, Trive.park, Apple, Trondheim, UN, Hans Moog #IOTA

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 026: Lidbot, Eclipse foundation: Tangle EE Working Group #IOTA

HelloIOTA Focus 006: IOTA + Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet Tutorial 101

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 027: IOTA Hack - what has happened? What should you do now? #IOTA

HelloIOTA Roundup 028:, English Magazine, Smartopz, Swiss Nurse, industry, IoT #IOTA

HelloIOTA - your IOTA news channel (trailer)

HelloIOTA Beginner's Guide: How to install and use Trinity (tutorial)

IOTA: How to use the migration tool // guide

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 029: Migration Tool, #IOTA car charging, honeycombOS, Qubic, Cointicker

HelloIOTA Roundup 030: Quo vadis, IOTA? Criticism, the future and Dominik Schiener's interviews

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 031: Can the #IOTA Foundation survive the low price levels?

(4K) HelloIOTA Roundup 032: How production-ready is IOTA?


IOTA Coordicide explained | Can IOTA Coordicide solve the blockchain trillemma ?

VDFs in IOTA by Luigi Vigneri and Vassil Dimitrov

The Future of Blockchain and Mobility with IBM, IOTA, Accenture, and CPChain (MoCo Los Angeles)

IOTA Interview mit Alex - Designer und Co-Founder von lidbot - Smart Waste Management

How to run an IOTA full node in just 5 minutes using Hornet

IOTA Interview mit Christoph F. Strnadl, Vice President of Innovation

(English translated) Interview with Christoph F. Strnadl by

IOTA Trinity Wallet HACK explained by Developer. Next Steps: KYC? MoonPay Insider?

IOTA COORDINATOR CENTRALIZED explained by Developer. Double Spending? Coordicide ?

IOTA Update 2020: The Hack & What Lies Ahead

IOTA Meetup Munich 2019 - Hands On

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #46 - BiiLabs and IOTA

BiiLabs IoT-Enabled Industry Marketplace charges your Electrical Vehicule with Whatsapp vith secured technnology by IOTA DLT

IOTA Foundation at Humanitarian Blockchain Summit at Fordham

Next Philanthropy Breakfast with Dominik Schiener

What is IOTA all about? - Bosch

The potential of distributed ledger technology - Bosch

Insights from the expert: IOTA for Supply Chain - Bosch

The Internet of Things presents - #LikeABosch

How does IOTA work?

One-on-one with IOTA Co-founder Dominik Schiener @BLOCKTV

The Future Of IOTA With Founder Dominik Schiener

Coordicide - The next step in IOTA`s Evolution

Project Alvarium Overview

Allergen Forum - Amsterdam 2019 - Blockchain Allergen Smart Phone App Case Study

EP1: What is IOTA Chapter I (Human Voice)

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) payment based on IOTA Tangle by AKITA

IOTA & EVRYTHNG, a new collaboration for supply chain transparency

Julie Maupin | IOTA: The Backbone of the Internet-of-Everything | #bc19

RIOT Summit 2019 @ Helsinki - Sell sensor data on the IOTA tangle

Erstes IOTA Meetup in Saarbrucken

DEMO - Car pays for own parking using IOTA ( Machine to Machine ) - Part 1

DEMO - Car pays own parking using IOTA - Part 2

NET-WORK #16: Blockchain basierte Methoden zur Identifikation und Authentisierung


Eivind Holt // Hackster Cafe

IOTA: Solving the Scalability Trilemma - An Interview w/Dan Simerman

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 1

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 2

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 3

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 4

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 5

IOTA Berlin Meetup April 10th 2019 Part 1 -

IOTA Berlin Meetup April 10th 2019 Part 2 -

IOTA Barbecue (BBQ) Berlin 04.07.2019 | TOA19 satellite event | Meetup

IOTA Meetup Karlsruhe - 09.05.19 - FZI

Introducing: All-new HIGH MOBILITY

iampass live prototype presentation

Introducing IOTA in Smart Charging

IOTA Platooning Animation and VR Testing

Digitalization and mobility for all

Interview with David Sønstebø

IOTA's Tangle - Simply Explained

Putting the Proof back in to Proof of Concept with IOTA - live from bIOTAsphere @ Arup

IOTA: Connecting our world to{day, morrow} - Dominik Schiener at DAHO.AM 2018

IOTA & Volkswagen - Real use cases at the Cebit 2018

Is IOTA one of most undervalued Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) projects in the space? Find out!

IOTA QUBIC - Finally

d!talk Keynote Johann Jungwirth, Volkswagen AG

VW CDO Johann Jungwirth on IOTA @ BCW18

IOTA GoShimmer Anleitung und Test! (Windows + Docker + Git!)

IOTA - Intel's ternary FPGA for Iota/Qubic - Eric Hop IF

Disrupting Economy - Fireside Chat with Dominik Schiener, Co-founder of IOTA @Factory Berlin

The Elon Musk Story | 3D Animated - HODL IOTA

Dom Schiener on Iota and Supply Chain at BOSCH CONNECTED WORLD 2018

IOTA and Industry 4.0 at the Hannover Messe by Fujitsu - April 23 2018

HMI18-Aktuell: IOTA und Industrie 4.0 auf der Hannover Messe (ENG)

Dr. Rolf Werner, Head of Central Europe bei Fujitsu ladt ein zur Hannover Messe HMI

HMI18-Aktuell: Dr. Rolf Werner uber Industrie 4.0 und den Fujitsu Stand auf der Hannover Messe (DE)

HMI18-Aktuell: Dr. Rolf Werner uber die IOTA Technologie auf der Hannover Messe (DE)

HMI18-Aktuell: Walter Graf uber sein Industrie 4.0-Highlight (DE)

HMI18-Aktuell: 90 sek kompakt - IOTA, Industrie4.0, Machine Learning, KI und Virtual Reality (DE)

IOTA Dominik Schiener gets served a drink who is paid by Iota @ DXCTechnology Hannover Messe

Dutch Iota Meetup Nr3

Dutch IOTA meetup 4: Machine2Machine Ecosystems, Identity, Nature2.0 and

Markus Lanz vom 20. Marz 2018 c ZDF

Dominik Schiener on IOTA @ Markus Lanz 20.03.2018

Dominik Schiener on IOTA


ZDF German TV about IOTA

IoT Blockchain: Digital Identity and the Internet of Things | Blockchain Central

IOTA Tangle - Tokyo Meetup on December 14

IOTA Deep Dive w/ Dominik Schiener @ grandcentrix

Introducing the IOTA Documentation Portal

Lidbot - Time to get smart about waste.

Iota Messaging App Tutorial (Part 2)

Machine Payment per Use - IOTA PoC Hannover Messe 2019

IOTA Supply Chain PoC

Solar Panel Monitor || Building a virtual power plant (ESP8266, Iota, Node.js)

Solar Panel Monitor Part 2|| Building a virtual power plant (ESP8266, Iota, Node.js)

M2M Economy Team Kryha - Delivery as a service in a decentralized way using IOTA.

M2m track using the hyvemind of ants, AI and drones to build some crazy shit on blockchain

IOTA expert Harm van den Brink at the TechDeepDive at Delft University of Technology Nederlands

IOTA & Bosch | Chicago connectory - IoT Internet of Things Data Marketplace

IOTA Dutch Meetup - LIVE - Netherlands

IOTA & the future of Machine 2 Machine transactions with Jan Peter Doomernik

IOTA & Fujitsu | Dr. Rolf Werner talks about next generation, blockchain free, technologies

IOTA & VW Volkswagen | Dom Schiener & VW Chief Digital Officer J. Jungwirth @ German ZDF TV

David Sønstebø - Beyond Blockchain: IOTA for Blockchain WTB November 2017

What`s in store for IOTA in 2018? Giorgio Mandolfo of IOTA Foundation offers his views

David Sønstebø, IOTA Interview

Slush Tokyo 2018 IOTA / John D. Licciardello (the Dome)

Jan Westerhues, Robert Bosch Venture Capital // Crypto Assets Conference 2018

IOTA: Technical Webinar for Data Marketplace

IOTA Data Marketplace in Connected Industy-Chicago Connectory 12/12/17

LIVE Dutch IOTA Meetup #2 - Hands on! 12-18-2017

IOTA - More than 100 Billion Reasons Why - Terry Shane @ 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference

IOTA Data Marketplace Webinar

IOTA Foundation at Humanitarian Blockchain Summit at Fordham

IOTA BREAKDOWN: The Tangle Vs. Blockchain Explained

QUBIC - IOTA's Mysterious "Q" Finally Revealed!

Discover IOTA - What is IOTA

This is IOTA

Introduction to IOTA

IOTA & Distributed Ledgers - A Presentation by Navin Ramachandran.

Introducing IOTA - A Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Comparison)

IOTA - 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference Toronto - April 2018 - more than 100 Billion Reasons Why

IOTA - Review and comparison to Bitcoin

How IOTA works with Giorgio Mandolfo - HODL That Thought #002

IOTA Data Marketplace Presentation 12/12/17 Chicago

Dominik Schiener: Join the Dutch IOTA meetup on May 3rd 18

Rumi Morales on Distributed Ledger Technology and IoT

Rumi Morales on Distributed Ledger Technology and IoT

TM17 - "The Future of Finance" - Rumi Morales

IOTA not Bitcoin: interview with SatoshiPay

CEO of Fujitsu Germany Dr. Rolf Werner talks about IOTA

Make Industry 4.0 happen - co-create real business benefits

Rooftop Talks Vol. 4: Dominik Schiener on IOTA & The Tangle - Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology

#1 Meetup: IOTA and its practical application in the automotive industry

Q&A with Dominik Schiener - Co-Founder of the IOTA Foundation

IOTA - Dr. Julie Maupin - Empowering People through the Internet of Things - 10 March 2018

Dr. Julie Maupin, IOTA Foundation | Going the Last Mile

Talk - 9984 Summit - Julie Maupin

Julie Maupin (IOTA) | Women in Krypto - 5 Fragen mit Karoline

moinblockchain 18 - IOTA: Empowering People through the Internet of Things

H4C Video Press Conference from UNFCCC COP23

Going Beyond Blockchain @TechCode Berlin Live

Going Beyond Blockchain w/ Dom Schiener (IOTA)

Announcing the peaq project: The Next Generation of DLT [Live]

Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond @ Deloitte Digital Ventures, Munich

Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond w/ Oliver Bussmann

Interview mit Dominik Schiener | IOTA Preis, Partnerschaften, private Insights und Updates!

Harm van de brink introduces MAM (iota) on the 2nd Dutch Iota Meetup

Andreas Osowski introduces IOTA & Flash channels on the 2nd Dutch IOTA meetup

2nd Dutch Iota Meetup: Q&A on IOTA With andreas Osowski en Harm van de brink

Dutch Iota Meetup: introduction to M2M track on hackathon of the world

What can you do with IOTA? Harvest of the 2nd Dutch IOTA Meetup:

How to create a message on the tangle @ 1st Dutch IOTA Meetup on oct 25th 2017

How to create a wallet @ 1st dutch IOTA Meetup on oct 25th 2017

1st Dutch IOTA Meetup 0n oct 25th 2017: Feel the vibe!

IOTA introduction by Dominik schiener @ 1st Dutch IOTA Meetup on oct 25th 2017

How to create a backendless ev chargingstation on iota @ 1st Dutch IOTA Meetup on oct 25th 2017

World’s first IOTA charging station by ElaadNL

Join the first IOTA meetup in The Netherlands, powered by IOTA foundation & friends

Reaching the Peak: The Next Generation of DLT on IOTA

IOTA Dominik Schiener The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit 2017 Shanghai

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #3 - IOTA with Dominik Schiener

TrackingID: an IOTA-based solution for supply chain tracking by Things Lab

IOTA`s Tangle and Masked Authenticated Messaging | Dominik Schiener at The Connectory

Dominik Schiener Presenting Iota @ Chicago Blockchain Center

Dominik Schiener Speaking about IOTA at the Chicago Blockchain Center

IOTA Wallet Transition Tutorial - August 2017 - SNAPSHOT Requires User Action

Smart Decentralisation: Moving From The Cloud To The Fog - Dominik Schiener

Dominik Schiener: IOTA Meetup Korea

IOTA`s Tangle - Simply Explained

What is IOTA? Explained In 5 Minutes: A Blockchain Without Blocks And Without A Chain!

What is IOTA? How Tangle is better than Blockchain

HOW TO: Use IOTA Wallet 2.5.6! New Promote Feature - Live Tutorial!

What is IOTA? Explained in 2 minutes! (Crypto-Currency)

First Virtual Tokyo FinTech Conference - Session # 2 - Kevin Chen, IOTA Foundation

Monetizing IoT Data using IOTA

Blockchaingers Tech Deep Dive Talks by Harm van den Brink at TU Delft

Blockchaingers Tech Deep Dive Interview with Harm van den Brink

Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018 - interview w Harm van den Brink

Blockchaingers Hackathon Interview with Harm van den Brink #iota

IOTA and OTA - Over-the-Air Up-dates for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Why IOTA is "Beyond Blockchains"

IOTA - Autonomous Cars and the M2M Economy

The IOTA Data Marketplace - towards a Data-Driven Economy where data is "free", but not free.

A Closer Look at Use Cases of IOTA`s Masked Authenticated Messaging in Mobility and Transportation

All About Blockchain: A Conversation with the Experts

Dominik Schiener - Blockchain: The Final Link in the Mobility Puzzle

Webit.Festival Europe 2017 presents Alexander Renz and Dominik Schiener

PwC Going Beyond Blockchain with the bIOTAsphere

eCl@ss demonstrator at Hannover Messe 2019, built by Pepperl&Fuchs/Neoception

IOTA becomes founding member of International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications- INATBA

Smart Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge 2019

IOTA Smart Cities Webinar #2 - Technical Deep Dive

IOTA - What's a seed?

IOTA Barcelona Meetup - Building the backbone of IoT 27/02/2019

IOTA Research Summit Q&A, 2.2019 (full video)

IOTA Compass - Deploying your own IOTA testnet and coordinator! - Part 1

IOTA Compass - Deploying your own IOTA testnet and coordinator! - Part 2

IOTA Review... What you need to know...

IOTA Update Fall 2017

IOTA - News Update November 2017

Dom Schiener and VW CDO on IOTA

Internet Of Things (IOTA) Why This Crypto Ep: 19

IOTA Wallet installation guide (cryptocurrency / blockchain / distributed ledger)

IOTA where to buy and how? (cryptocurrency / blockchain)

IOTA: why it is an interesting investment (Partnerships, alliances, Foundation)

IOTA Co founder Dominik Schiener Tokyo Meetup August 9, 2017

Talkshow: Global Challenges, Startups Succes - Blockchain Future of Trust Summit

IOTA Tangle - Live View

IOTA preferred over Bitcoin

IOTA: Why all the FUD?

IOTA Co-founder Dominik Schiener | Tokyo Meetup (August 9, 2017)

Dominik Schiener on IOTA & The Tangle | Revolutionizing Blockchain Technology

Undervalued Cryptocurrencies: IOTA (MIOTA) - the backbone of Internet-of-Things

IOTA DOUBLES TO OVER $1.50?! A Closer Look At Why...

Time To Buy IOTA October 2017

IOTA Fundamental Analysis

Dominik Schiener: IOTA and the Tangle

Dominik - IOTA Interview - (Improved Audio)

What You Should Know About IOTA

IOTA: What is it | Blockchain KILLER | Tangle Technology!

IOTA Part (2/2): What Is It? | Blockchain KILLER | Tangle Technology!

What is IOTA ? The Facts - Should you get involved?

IOTA Sunday Banter 25th June '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 2nd July'17

IOTA Sunday Banter 9th July '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 16th July'17

IOTA Sunday Banter 23rd July'17

IOTA Sunday Banter 30th July'17

IOTA Sunday Banter 6th August'17

IOTA Sunday Banter 13th August '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 21 August '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 27th August '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 3rd September '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 10th September '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 17th September '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 24th September '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 1st October '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 8th October '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 15th October '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 22nd October '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 29th October '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 5th November '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 12th November '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 19th November '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 26th November '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 3rd December '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 10th December '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 17th December '17

IOTA Sunday Banter 7th January '18

IOTA Sunday Banter 14th January '18

The Crash Banter.

IOTA Sunday Banter 21st January '18 Teaser

IOTA Sunday Banter 28th January '18

IOTA Sunday Banter 4th February '18

IOTA Sunday Banter 11th February '18

IOTA Sunday Banter 18th February '18

IOTA Sunday Banter 8th April '18

The IOTA Fact Banter - Q, Qubic, and the great Mystery

IOTA Sunday Banter 15th April '18

IOTA Sunday Banter 22nd April '18

The #IOTA Fact Banter - #2 The IXI Hub

IOTA Sunday Banter 29th April '18

The #IOTA Fact Banter - #3 Does IOTA need Tokens?

#IOTA Sunday Banter 6th May '18

The #IOTA Fact Banter - Special Episode: The Fermi Paradox vs IOTA

#IOTA Sunday Banter 13th May '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 20th May '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 27th May '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 1st June '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 11th June '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 17th June '18 ANNIVERSARY!

#IOTA Sunday Banter 24th June '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 8th July '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 15th July '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 22nd July '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 29th July '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 5th August '18

#IOTA Sunday Banter 12th August '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 9er September '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 16er September '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 23er September '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 30er September '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 7ter Oktober '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 14er Oktober '18

Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 21. Oktober '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 28. Oktober '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 4ter November '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 11ter November '18

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch 18ter November '18

Sonntagsplausch 2ter Dezember '18 - Thema: Skalierbarkeit, Konkurrenz und Zeitplan von #IOTA

[Deutsch] #IOTA Sonntagsplausch REVIVAL 2ter Juni 2019

#IOTA Sunday Banter 4th June '19

#IOTA Sunday Banter 31st July '19

#IOTA Coordicide is coming, Time is running

#IOTA Sunday Banter 11th August '19

#IOTA Sunday Banter 23rd September '19

Cafe Informell Episode 1 Teaser

Cafe Informell - Episode 1 - Intro!

Focus IOTA

Focus IOTA 21.November 2018

Focus IOTA November 28th

Special: Public IOTA Lab

Focus IOTA December 12th

Special: To da Moon

Focus IOTA: Review 2018

Dominik Schiener presenting IOTA at International Motor Show Germany (IAA) 14/9/2017

What is IOTA and Tangle? + Information from White Paper!

IOTA Fundamental Analysis

IOTA And Audi Complete Collaboration Project - Results Are Positive

Episode #1: IOTA

Welcome to IOTA universe

IOTA Explained Simple (2018)

IOTA and its practical application in the automotive industry

IOTA the Only Winner in Top 10 After Porsche Partnership Announcement

The Tangle in Bloom

IOTA meets Tesla at NewCo Toronto when the bIOTAsphere puts the "Proof" back into Proof of Concept

IOTA cryptocurrency tangle visualization

IOTA cryptocurrency tangle visualization 2

IOTA cryptocurrency tangle visualization 3

New IOTA wallet V2.5.5 install guide

Notary certificate application by using IOTA Tangle

EN | Bosch Connected Services - the spirit of being connected

Jacix Report - IOTA and the Internet of Things Protocol

Iota in 2019 - A look at the past | A taste of the future


Hack4Climate @COP23 with UNFCCC

Live with Jamie Burke: 99% of tokens - bullshit

IOTA Predictions and The Convergence | An Interview with Jamie Burke

What Is IOTA? - Is It Better Than Ripple?

What is IOTA?


BlockChain und eScooter - Netzgeschichten

How To Set Up Your IOTA Wallet

What is IOTA - Cryptocurrency Coin Review & Introduction: Potential Investment Opportunity

What is IOTA Coin? A quick introduction to the 100% fee free crypto currency alternative

Should You Buy IOTA Coin?

IOTA doesn`t have any blockchain and this is how the tangle looks like

Making an IOTA Payment

IOTA Zero Cost Tangle Messenger - iota1k

Tip IOTA Intro

IOTA API Tutorial - Digital Currency of The Future!

Huge Cryptocurrency Game Changer - Iota Has Zero Transaction Fees

Is IOTA Coin a Sleeping Giant?

IOTA CHANNEL AI ARINA - Let`s make IOTA and artificial intelligence friends



iOTA Pad for the SmartHome


The DAG (IOTA), Automation & Basic Income

Why I think IOTA will replace Bitcoin on public blockchain and decentralized ledger technology

IOTA Cryptocurrency Review

How Fast Is Iota - Transaction Speed Per Second Compared To Bitcoin Ethereum Paypal And Visa

Quick thoughts on IOTA

Thoughts of Bosch IoT expert on IOTA Tech

IOTA Price Prediction

Is IOTA a scamcoin? Overview, facts and information on the IoT token

Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Iota

IOTA - What is IOTA? What is the tangle technology? The Bitcoin killer?

IOTA coin - 1800% INCREASE In A Few Months !!! UPDATE JUNE 2017.

Why You Should Buy Iota #2

What is IOTA? Internet of Everything

Coinspace NYC: IOTA Tangle

Whitepaper Circle: IOTA Tangle - Presented by Sunny Aggarwal


What Is IOTA?

IOTA - Next Generation Blockchain

TESLA & IOTA - Set To Kick-Start The Machine Economy

IOTA-powered Telco Asset Marketplace Demo

IOTA-powered Telco Asset Marketplace Demo

IOTA - News Update May 2018

5 KEY POINTS - IOTA Overview

FULL REVIEW: IOTA Cryptocurrency "The Tangle" (including Q announcement)

General overview of blockchains and IOTA for beginners.

Tangleblog Intro

IOTA Ecosystem developer documentary. Send me your ~1 min video!

Friendly PSA for new IOTA-investors

IOTA | Revolutionizing cryptocurrency transactions

IOTA - The Next Level

IOTA - Opportunity for the fourth industrial revolution

IOTA Ecosystem Fund


IoT Automotive: Digital Identity for Autonomous Vehicles // IOTA | Blockchain Central

Vitalik Buterin and David Sønstebø Twitter debate!

Vitalik Buterin on IOTA and Algorand - Ethereum Shenzhen Keynote Q&A 3/3

Vitalik Buterin on IOTA and Directed Acyclic Graphs

BCNext is Come-from-Beyond is Sergey Ivancheglo, IOTA founder

IOTA Wallet

IOTA: What to Expect in 2018

IoT & Blockchain || Next Big Thing AG Live Stream

IoT Security & Blockchain meetup with IOTA & eciotify



Die 7000 EURO sind jetzt 70000 EURO WERT! | IOTA Investment Update #1

The DEATH Of Blockchain? Introducing IOTA And Its Revolutionary TANGLE!

Interested in IOTA? You Need to Listen to This... | Vlog #75

IOTA Breakdown! IOTA Analysis and Price Prediction!



IOTA Cryptocurrency Review - The Tangle is Taking Over

IOTA: How to use the GUI`s most important functions

Experimentations on the IOTA tangle

Lets Talk About IOTA l What is IOTA?

Mein bisher grosstes Investment! 7000 fur die Zukunft | Das IOTA Investment

IOTA as an Investment

IOTA Tutorial for installing the wallet on windows


Crowdfunding projects on IOTA ISO (1)

IOTA ISO Crowdfunding basic functions nv

How to Build An Electric Vehicle Charging App Using IOTA and High-Mobility

Wie kann man in IOTA investieren? (Uberholt, YDX ist fur den Moment geschlossen)

IOTA Snapshot & Wallet 2.5 (Light- und Full-Node). Wie installieren?

How to Set Up IOTA Light Wallet


IOTA Data Marketplace in Connected Industry - Chicago Connectory

IOTA Event - Chicago Connectory

VW & IOTA? - Time to Go Big into the Internet of Things! - TODAYS #FOMO

What is IOTA [MIOTA] - Will This Be the Internet of Things WINNER? - #REVIEW

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Installing IOTA wallet in windows, plus generating seed.

Is Someone Going To Guess My IOTA Seed?

Live demo of sending and receiving IOTA! How many minutes does it take?

IOTA Wallet on Linux Desktop

How to install the IOTA Commad Line Wallet

How to operate the IOTA Command Line Wallet

IOTA and Machine to Machine Economy | Programmer explains

What is happening to IOTA? - GitHub - Programmer explains

IOTA vs MIT - A deep dive - Programmer explains

IOTA creates Swedish National Crypto? Programmer explains.

WHERE DID MY IOTA GO? Using The Latest Wallet! (Version 2.5.0)

IOTA Helicopter Landing? Illustration

The tangle vs Bitcoin lightning network

EDAG CityBot - IOTA - Future of Mobility - Smart Mobility

IAA Press Conference 2019

IOTA - Upgrade to Wallet 2.5.1

How to Buy IOTA & Invest in the Tangle For U.S Customers Kicked Off Bitfinex

Investing in Cryptocurrencies - IOTA should you invest?

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda- IOTA Tangle: Backbone for Digital Identity, MyData 2017

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda - IOTA tangle - my data health sandbox, MyData 2017

IOTA Coin / Token - Should I invest? What is IOTA? [HD]

Building A Base 3 Computer

Hackaday 10th Anniversary: Non-Binary Computing

Is IOTA Ready to Explode and Go to the Moon!?

IOTA COIN REVIEW - What is IOTA? Should You Invest?

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Why IOTA is the Next Big Thing In Cryptocurrencies!

IOTA: The Sleeping Crypto-Giant?

Iota in 2019 - A look at the past | A taste of the future

IOTA + LORA + IA (nuevo paradigma)

IOTA Coffee Machine

IOTA & DXC - juice bar robot - Hannover Industrie Messe 4.0 / 2018

Sparkster`s IOTA Smart Transaction Demo

What is IOTA | IOTA explained in a few minutes

Basics of IOTA explained in 3 minutes

Blockchain, Tangle & Beyond @ Deloitte Digital Ventures, Munich

What is IOTA in a Nutshell

What Is IOTA Crypto And TOP 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

#1 on CMC 2018 - 100% accurate prediction!!

IOTA vs Blockchain Formula 1 edition

IOTA tutorial 1: What is IOTA and some terminology explained

IOTA tutorial 2: Trit and Tryte

IOTA tutorial 2.1: Convert decimal value to balanced ternary value

IOTA tutorial 3: IOTA seed

IOTA tutorial 4: Own weight, cumulative weight and minimum weight magnitude

IOTA tutorial 5: Snapshot and attach to tangle

IOTA tutorial 5.1: Snapshot Be Prepared

IOTA tutorial 6: Why you should not reuse an address for outgoing transactions

IOTA tutorial 7: Proof of Work, Curl and Nonce

IOTA tutorial 8: Cryptographic sponge construction

IOTA tutorial 9: Address and checksum

IOTA tutorial 9.1: Key, Digests and Address

IOTA tutorial 10: Transaction and Bundle

IOTA tutorial 11: Attach Address To Tangle

IOTA tutorial 12: Coordinator

IOTA tutorial 13: Rebroadcast, reattach and promote

IOTA tutorial 14: Message and Tag

IOTA tutorial 15: BundleHash

IOTA tutorial 16: normalizedBundleHash

IOTA tutorial 17: Create and validate a signature

IOTA tutorial 18: Merkle Tree

IOTA tutorial 19: Masked Authenticated Messaging

IOTA tutorial 20: Masked Authenticated Messaging Payload

IOTA tutorial 21: CryptoJS

IOTA tutorial 22: Masked Authenticated Messaging Demo Verifiable Claims

IOTA tutorial 23: Masked Authenticated Messaging Demo Store File

IOTA tutorial 24: Multisignatures

IOTA tutorial 25: WebRTC and MAM Signaling

IOTA tutorial 26: Trinity Wallet Seed and Two-Factor Authentication

IOTA tutorial 26.1: Trinity Wallet Seed and Two-Factor Authentication Part 2

IOTA tutorial 27: Why normalizedBundleHash? Why not reuse an address for outgoing transactions?

IOTA tutorial 28: How to send sensor data to the tangle using Masked Authenticated Messaging

IOTA tutorial 29: Sending sensor data to the tangle using MAM and Arduino Uno

IOTA tutorial 30: Send DHT11 data to the tangle using ESP-01S, MQTT and MAM

IOTA tutorial 31: IOTA Trinity Desktop Wallet and Ledger Nano S

IOTA tutorial 32: Restore Ledger Nano S From Recovery Phrase

IOTA tutorial 33: Restore IOTA Seed From Ledger Nano S Recovery Phrase

IOTA tutorial 34: Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP)

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 1: IoT, LPWAN, Semtech, LoRa

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 2: What is LoRa and LoRaWAN

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 3: Rules and Regulations

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 4: LoRaWAN Device Classes

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 5: Decibel, dBm, dBi, dBd

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 6: Radio Propagation and Free Space Loss

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 7: Fresnel Zone

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 8: Link Budget and Link Margin

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 9: EIRP and ERP

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 10: RSSI and SNR

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 11: Carrier Frequencies and Bandwidths

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 12: Modulation Types and Chirp Spread Spectrum

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 13: Symbol, Spreading Factor and Chip

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 14: Forward Error Correction and Coding Rate

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 15: Data Rate, Chip Rate, Symbol Rate, Chip Duration and Symbol Duration

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 16: SNR Limit and Receiver Sensitivity

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 17: LoRa Packet Format, Time on Air and Adaptive Data Rate

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 18: LoRa Chips

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 19: LoRa End Nodes

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 20: LoRa End Node Libraries

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 21: OTAA, ABP and LoRaWAN Security

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 22: OTAA and Uplink Demonstration With The Things Network

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 23: ETSI Duty Cycles, TTN Fair Access Policy and Transmit Time Interval

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 24: ABP Demonstration With The Things Network

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 25: Downlink Demonstration With The Things Network

LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 26: Sending Sensor Data To The Things Network

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 1

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 2

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 3

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 4

IOTA Meetup Berlin 06.11.2018 Part 5

Keynote: Exploring Blockchain Technology - Fujitsu Forum 2018

IOTA meetup Barcelona- Oct. 30, 2018

December 2017 - Why is IOTA skyrocketing ?


Deutsche Welle report on IOTA and Dominik Schiener

Yet another cryptocurrency | DW English

Dom Schiener and VW CDO on IOTA


IOTA Diskussion, EDAG und ClusterAutomotive auf EcoSysHAF2018

#wmfra 92 - Marcel Engelmann: IOTA - Distributed Ledger fur IoT?

First IOTA Meetup in Luxembourg

IOTA, Tangle and the Foundation by Koen Maris

Making a mark with IoT: How Bosch improves quality of life

Why Bosch relies on a strong ecosystem to build the IoT

What is IOTA seed and how to make a good one?

IOTA vs WaltonChain vs VeChain vs Modum vs WaBi - Documentary - Why IoT Crypto Coins Are Solid Picks

David Sønstebø Interview, IOTA upgrade coming in Dec 2017

IOTA November 7 Technical Analysis and Price Forecast, Elliot Wave and Trend Line

Excited About IOTA Concept - Cryptocurrency News & Investing

How to Generate an offline IOTA wallet in live USB linux distro.

Demo: IOTA on a Microcontroller (STM32F1)

Dominik Schiener (IOTA) on why IOTA can solve the incentives problem for machines

Fireside chat with the IF (Hans Moog): Why is there a Tangle?

Hans Moog, IOTA Foundation Software Engineer, on reusable addresses

CRETEC QBICs - Modulare Arbeitsplattform

Intelli Video 1

IOTA Links with STMicroelectronics to Accelerate IoT Technology Integration


IOTA Trezor transaction signing (in development)

IOTAcooler test

La 4th revolucion industrial Que es IOTA? y recomendaciones

Was ist IOTA?

Why Is IOTA Not Growing ? + Exclusive News !!

IOTA Foundation Board AMA 6-2-2018

IOTA Foundation Board AMA 7-12-2018

Trinity Desktop - Onboarding

Trinity Desktop - Sending transactions

Trinity Desktop - Transaction Promotion

Trinity Desktop - Changing a Node

Fuse log app

Porsche Digital Lab is looking forward to working with IOTA on Autobahn project

IOTA Partnership & Driverless Vehicles

IOTA (MIOTA) Ready to Be Supported on Ledger Hardware Wallet & Porsche Partnership

IOTA Only Winner Major CryptoCurrencies as it Works on Taiwan Partnership

IOTA use cases

What is IOTA an how does the tangle work | Explained in 5 minutes

The Blockchained Mobility Hackathon 2018

BMH2018 Pitch "OMS - Mobility as a Service" *no.1 winning team* Blockchained Mobility Hackathon 2018

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

Tech deep dive on fog computing, cloud, IoT networks, AI and blockchain

IOTA - Dutch Blockchain Hackathon @3h57m20s

Meet and Greet Jesse Babbra | IOTA Ecosystem developer

IOTA Data Marketplace Presentation 12/12/17 Chicago

Sydney IOTA Meetup - 24th of January

Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond - Montreal

Jesse Babbra | IOTA Ecosystem Developer

Charles Bay: Your CPU is binary

Interview met Eric Hop werkzaam bij de IOTA foundation en product owner en het gezicht van Qubic

IOTA - Flash Channels Demo

IOTA Powered Baby Rocker

IOTA (MIOTA) - Cryptocurrency Review - Internet of Things with Tangle !

IOTA - Interview mit Tobias Zeitler - alles was du uber IOTA und QUBIC wissen musst!


IOTA Tangle visualization | 25 minutes in 2 minutes |

Bytes - Using IOTA for the Internet of Things

Bytes App - Prototype - Demo - Android - Dev Update #3

First Blockchain Smartphone soon TBA

The worlds first blockchain smartphone "Finney" is in development | QPT


***** Winiota ICO - probably the most interesting ICO in 2018 *****

WINiota - Artificial Intelligence Enhanced Sports Betting - Oracles

WINiota - Bringing the gamble to the Tangle

WINiota - Probably The Most Interesting ICO in 2018

winiota ***** Probably the most Interesting Token Sale in 2018! *****

What is Oyster Pearl (PRL)? (Uses IOTA's Tangle and Ethereum's Smart Contracts)

Oyster Shell: SHL Explanation

Oyster Pearl Webnode Demo of Testnet B

Oyster Weekly Update

Oyster Testnet -- Speed Update

Nino Ulrich, IOTA Evangelist Network // Crypto Assets Conference 2018

IOTA - Next Generation Blockchain, intervento di Stefano Della Valle

IOTA - Next Generation Blockchain, domande finali

IOTA - Next Generation Blockchain, intervento di Thomas Agnoli e Andrea Battaggia

IOTA - Next Generation Blockchain, intervento di Alessandro Olivo

Focus - IOTA (French)

Die bessere Bitcoin? Neue Aktie mit IOTA-Fantasie



Solar Panel Monitor || Building a virtual power plant (ESP8266, Iota, Node.js)

IOTA Data Marketplace Presentation 12/12/17 Chicago


What is IOTA?

IOTA: How to set up a Full Node - VPS | Adding And Removing Neighbors | Node Monitor | IRI-Playbook

How to Send Car Data over the IOTA Tangle using MAM and the High-Mobility API

What is eCl@ss and how does it work?

Nikita - Roman Semko

Nikita #2 subtangles IOTA, Roman Semko

Simlyn - Connecting Microsoft Azure and IOTA

IOTA - Tokyo Meetup #2 - & peaq

IOTA Ledger Nano S Beta Announcement! [Demo inside]

IOTA Meetup: IOTA on the Ledger Nano S

IOTA Development Tutorial: Masked Authenticated Messaging (Node.js)

IOTA Meetup: Introduction Project Airwave

Demo: IOTA on a 1.5$ Microcontroller board (STM32F1)

RuuviTag: an open-source sensor beacon platform supporting IOTA (Otso Jousimaa, Ruuvi Innovations)

IOTA: introduction and current developments (Andreas Osowski, IOTA)

FPGA hardware accelerator for Curl computation in IOTA cryptocurrency

FPGA accelerated IOTA POW (33 Mh/s demo)

IOTA PiDiver / USBDiver PoW Hardware Accelerator Demonstration

PiDiver doing USBDiving

#CarriotaHercules running on Pi 3

PiDiver IOTA Pi on Steroids

IOTA POW on the Pi Pidiver and Raspberry Pi 3

IOTA CarriotaHercules FPGA on a Raspberry Pi

IOTA POW on a Raspberry Pi 2 with FPGA

IOTA POW on a PI with less than 3 watts of power

RuuviTag | Open-Source Bluetooth Sensor Beacon Location Engine & Gateway

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions presents XDK

Bosch XDK 110 Entwicklerboard | embedded world 2016

What is XDK2MAM? (Subtitles)

XDK2MAM Tutorials: BLE-SDcard

XDK2MAM Tutorials: MQTT

XDK2MAM Tutorials: Dashboard

XDK2MAM Tutorials: IOTA Data Marketplace PoC

XDK2MAM Tutorials: USB

XDK2MAM Tutorials: UDP

XDK2MAM Tutorials: HTTP-SDcard

XDK2MAM Tutorials IOTA Data Marketplace PoC

Sparkster`s IOTA Smart Transaction Demo

LoraWAN: Extremely long range, low power wireless communication

NTNU Students Bachelor Projects 2018

IOTA Among Gainers as Markets Revisit its Car Insurance Plans


Iota pay demo video

tanglescanner Barcode to Blockchain / Tangle


iampass - tangible prototype preview

iampass - tangible prototype preview (Part2)

Doing an IOTA Transaction - 2 Minutes until confirmed

IOTA - Por los numeros

IOTA DoorOpener - Installation, Configuration & Demo

IOTA DoorOpener - Quick Demonstration

IOTA MAM Notification module for Home Assistant

#TwoToTangle IOTA Meetup Bolzano/Bozen NOI Techpark September 2018

IOTA: How To Easily Spam The Tangle | @Luca-Moser

IOTA: How to fix "WARNING: Funds on spent addresses" | Trinity

How to safely generate and store an IOTA seed

Hydroponics Data Handling Demo - Data Marketplace

carVertical - your dream car purchase assistant

Interview with carVertical business developer Sarunas

What defines a smart factory?

IOTA PoC : Storing data of 500 workpieces each in the tangle

WZL site - Rotter Bruch 12 - Forming and Cutting

PoC: Storing data of 500 workpieces each in the tangle

Fineblanking at the WZL of RWTH Aachen University using a Feintool XFT 2500 speed

WZL x GCX x IOTA Web Frontend

WZL x GCX x IOTA Tangle (4x)

WZL x GCX x IOTA Fineblanking FEA

WZL x GCX x IOTA PoC Payment Process

Internet of production: data as an economic resource in a manufacturing economy

The Tangle & IOTA Foundation vision by Andrea Villa - IOTA Barcelona Ecosystem Meetup 30/10/2018

Qubic & Trading of Financial Instruments by Miguel Díaz - IOTA Barcelona Ecosystem Meetup 30/10/2018

IOTA History, Current IOTA Research by Serguei Popov - IOTA Barcelona Ecosystem Meetup 30/10/2018

Tangle & IOT Use Cases by David Belgoff - IOTA Barcelona Ecosystem Meetup 30/10/2018

IOTA History, Current IOTA Research by Serguei Popov - IOTA Barcelona Ecosystem Meetup 30/10/2018

Very cool demonstration by Volkswagen on what Mobility as a Service MaaS powered by IOT

IOTA At Another Big Exhibition In The World, But This Time With Volkswagen

Volkswagen @ CEBIT 2018: Glimpses of digital know-how and world premiere of SEDRIC Active

Volkswagen AG @ CEBIT 2018: Einblicke in Digital-Know-how und Weltpremiere des SEDRIC Active

Max Minchenkov and Sergey Ivancheglo (@c___f___b) presenting IOTA in Russia

Clara Shikhelman - Random walks on random graphs - AlgoIL MeetUp #2

IOTA Meetup NYC presentation by Clara Shikhelman 4/2/18 @ The Assemblage NoMad

Edward Greve - Head of Engineering IOTA foundation @ COMPUTEX TAIPEI - June 07 2018

IOTA - Paul Handy

IOTA Interview Eric Hop

Qubic - Eric Hop - IOTA ITALIA Meetup

Stateful Client Libraries: The Account module and Conditional Deposit Addresses in JS and Go

IOTA Hints at Coordicide

Coordicide - The next step in IOTA’s Evolution

Announcing the IOTA Trinity Wallet

Trinity Wallet Onboarding

Deep Dive into IOTA (MIOTA)

Iota Ecosystem Meet up Argentina Nov 22 2018 - ClaudioMartin - H2h

Serguei Popov - Meet up IOTA Argentina 22 Nov 2018

Eric Hop - Meet up IOTA Argentina - 22 Nov 2018

XDK2MAM - Meet up Iota Argentina 22 Nov 2018

Nicolas Schteinschraber Meet up Iota Argentina 22 Nov 2018

IAC 2018 - Special Session - The Nexus of Blockchain and Space

IOTA ISO - A new type of Crowdfunding is being born

Mobile & Board Collectible Token Game

IOTA to replace ICOs with ISOs, genius or not?

TWOIOT - IOT Waste Management on IOTA'S Tangle Protocol

TWOIOT - IOT Waste Management on IOTA'S Tangle Protocol [CN]

TWO X IOTA - IOT Waste Management on the IOTA Tangle Protocol

TWO X IOTA - Real World Integration - IOT Waste Management on the IOTA Tangle Protocol

TWOIOT Announcement / IOTA Meetup - HQ link below.

TWO IOT X IOTA - Real World Integration Announcement

Crypto Nails- IOTA (MIOTA) Nail Tutorial

CO2ta - Demo for the Perfect Brainstorm Competition

The Fall of Bitcoin [ IOTA version ]

LiFi - Come-from-Beyond

Ict network graph

ict network graph (proto) v.0.1

ict neurons

P S pre render

People of crypto - David Sonstebo

Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard: the key challenges of the Internet of Things

George Gilder: Forget Cloud Computing, Blockchain is the Future

Humans Need Not Apply

Mist Computing - Going Beyond the Fog by Jurgo Preden

The End of Cloud Computing

The future of machine learning is decentralized - Alex Ingerman (Google)

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

Triangle presents Jinn


IOTA Trinary

Blackjack - IOTA

Panel 7: Die Blockchain Revolution - Wirtschaftsgipfel 2018

Dom Schiener at the International Motor Show IAA September 14, 2017

2017 Global Blockchain Summit Presentation .pdf

Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab - Part 1 / 4

Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab - Part 2 / 4

Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab - Part 3 / 4

Official IOTA Foundation Response to the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab - Part 4 / 4

Cryptographic vulnerabilities in IOTA: A Biased Hit Piece

Simple bug, simple fix. Network resilience verified.

Competitors and Amy Castor: a tale on reputation usage and a campaign to discredit IOTA

IOTA vs MIT - A deep dive - Programmer explains

CFB`s notes about the "vulnerability" drama

Time For A Paradigm Shift Has Come

Analysis in Chains #18 - IOTA, Blockchain without the Blocks

Analysis in Chains #18 - IOTA, Blockchain without the Blocks

(iTunes) Analysis in Chains #18 - IOTA, Blockchain without the Blocks

5min Crypto - IOTA to 1 Trillion Market Cap by 2025

(iTunes) 5min Crypto - IOTA to 1 Trillion Market Cap by 2025

Chicago Connectory

Dutch IOTA meetup

ZDF Morgenmagazin

ZDF Morgenmagazin

ZDF Morgenmagazin

ZDF Morgenmagazin

Ether Review #69 - IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era

Reddit - Ether Review #69 - IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era

Ether Review #69 - IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era

The Third Web - Ether Review #69 - IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era

The Bitcoin Podcast Network - Ether Review #69 - IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era

(iTunes) Ether Review #69 - IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era

David Sønstebø, Founder of IOTA: Digitally Native Assets and the Future Economy

Augmate mp4

Augmate Connect

Augmate Connect Will Leverage Distributed Ledgers for Secure, Scalable Connectivity


IOTA / Tangle Explained on Proof Of Make

An interview with Eric Hop from the IOTA foundation

Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond #iota_NYC 1-11-2018

Microsoft Issy Les Moulineaux



Das unterscheidet Iota vom Bitcoin

Live coding a IOTA/High-Mobility use case!

Introducing Untangled - the IOTA Podcast