IOTA Co-founders

David Sønstebø (Co-Founder, Co-Lead, Management)

Sergey Ivancheglo (Co-Founder, Engineer) [Come-from-Beyond, a.k.a. "BCNext"]

Prof. Serguei Popov (Co-Founder, Mathematician, Creator of the Tangle Concept) [Mthcl]

Dominik Schiener (Co-Founder, Co-Lead, Core-Dev, Public Face of IOTA)
Interview mit Dominik Schiener co-founder von IOTA
Blockchains ohne Blocke und Chain - ein Interview mit Dominik Schiener


Per Lind (Business Development Asia)
Three Questions for Per Lind 

Dr. Carsten Stöcker (Advisor Mobility, Business Transformation, Innovation)
Interview with Dr. Carsten Stöcker about the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Automating Machine Transactions and Building Trust in the 4th Industrial Revolution
Implementing first Industry 4.0 Use Cases with DAG Tangle - Machine Tagging for Digital Twins

Prof. Gideon Samid (Scientist, Engineer)
IOTA: A Key Ingredient of The Definitive Solution to the Cyber Identity Crisis

Dr. Navin Ramachandran (Healthcare, Bigdata, UCL Wallet Dev)

Regine Haschka Helmer (Advisor, Business Development)

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda (Director Business Development)

Alon Elmaliah (Core-Dev)

Alfred Keller (Network Architect, Dev)

Paul Handy (Core-Dev)
Interview with IOTA Core-Dev Paul Handy

Sabri Goldberg (Designer)

Jochen Renz (Chicago Connectory, Mobility)

Prof. John Halamka (Healthcare)

Prof. Cyril Grunspan (Mathematician)

Andreas C. Osowski (Core-Dev)

Chris Dukakis (Core-Dev)

Alexander Renz (Chicago Connectory, Mobility)

Julie Maupin (Legal Advisor)

John Edge (Healthcare, Fintech)

Lewis Freiberg (Core-Dev)

Olivia Saa (Mathematician, Ph.D student)

Paulo Finardi (Mathematician, Ph.D student)

Nick Beglinger (Advisor Sustainability, Business Development)

Dr. Danny Wu (Dev, Engineering)

Bartosz Kuśmierz (Dev, Mathematician, Ph.D student)

Oliver T. Bussmann (Business Advisor)
Why Blockchain Won't Disrupt Banks First 
Banking could face its own 'Kodak moment'

Prof. Vassil Dimitrov (Mathematician)

Anders H. Lier (Business Development, Networking)

Samuel Reid (Math Dev, Blockchain Eng.)

John E. Mattison (Healthcare, Big Data)

Jesse Babbra (Chicago Connectory, Business Development)

Prof. Joachim Taiber (Advisor Mobility)

Gal Rogozinski (Core-Dev)

John Licciardello (Ecosystem-Fund-Manager)

Tsvi Sabo (Core-Dev)

IOTA Foundation hires CYBERCRYPT 

Giorgio E. Mandolfo (Sysadmin /Devops)

Edward Greve (Core-Dev)

Hongquan Jiang (Robert Bosch Venture Capital Partner / Advisor)

Max Minchenkov (Networker in the Commonwealth of Independent States)

Jens Munch Lund-Nielsen (Networker in Norsk countries)

Oliver Mulherin (Fullstack Core-Dev)

Clara Shikhelman (Mathematician, Ph.D student)

Koen Maris (Software Dev / Cyber Security)

Darcy Gabriel Augusto Camargo Cunha (Mathematician, Ph.D student)

Alon Gal (Physicist, Dev, Entrepreneur)

Andreas Mikolajewski (Dev, interdisciplinary Comp. Science)

Charlie Varley (UCL Wallet Dev)

Alisa Maas (Mobility, IoT, Logistics and Fleet Management)

Matthew Darnell (Dev)

Mark Sulavka