Mainnet visualizer
IOTA 2.0 DEVNET visualizer
Learning by example: IOTA Workshops (C,Go,JS,Python)
API reference
IOTA Private Tangle Hornet on AWS Marketplace
Use AWS Reserved Instances, pay 1 year upfront to lower rate to $0.027/hour.
IOTA Hornet on DigitalOcean Marketplace
IOTA Single Node Private Tangle - AWS
Incentives to run an IOTA Node
IOTA Hornet Node Installation
How to install an IOTA node on a Jelastic VPS in 10 minutes
Set up a single-board computer
Set up a Linux server on a virtual machine
IOTA Full Node Installation wiki
Getting Started Quickly
IOTA IRI Fullnode Installation Playbook
IOTA IRI Fullnode Installation Playbook- Docker install
VPS IOTA Full Node
How to Run Full Node in Four Simple Steps
Setting up a VPS IOTA Full Node from scratch!
How to setup an IOTA Full Node using docker
IOTA: How to set up a Full Node - VPS | Adding And Removing Neighbors | Node Monitor | IRI-Playbook
Setting up a full node with or without Docker using IRI playbook
Setting up an IOTA Node
one click Hornet node
How to run an IOTA full node in just 5 minutes using Hornet
HORNET Playbook - Overview
IOTA Hornet Fullnode Playbook
Hornet - a lightweight IOTA node
Hornet -Windows
Hornet -GNU/Linux & MacOS
SSL certificates with Traefik
iri docker
iota-node docker
Run your own IOTA Full & ICT Nodes in Azure
Multiple Object Composition Tracking (D-MOCT)
IRI for Windows
peer manager    sourcecode
Tangle in a Box
One-command private test Tangle
IOTA Tangle Visualiser sourcecode
IOTA for Developers (Technical livestreams and tutorials) github
The road to integration: Part 1 - Getting started
The road to integration: Part 2 - Application Development
IOTA Developer Essentials
IOTA Developer Essentials github
Playing with IOTA: Parsing Data For Supply chain project
Make a REST API To Track Products
Final Alpha Release for IOTA Streams
Discord -  Join the #nodesharing channel to find neighbors. Join the #fullnodes channel for support.

Setting up a GoShimmer node
Coordicide Alphanet Out Now
GoShimmer docs
Setup up a GoShimmer node (Joining the Pollen testnet)
Coordicide: the death of the Coordinator
GoShimmer Network Visualizer
GoShimmer Network Visualizer
ElectricShimmer -GUI for the GoShimmer CLI wallet in C#
Open Sourcing of the GoShimmer Prototype
GoShimmer GitHub
IOTA GoShimmer Initiative
Introducing the IEN Full Nodes Set-up Squad (FNSS)
honeycombOS v0.1.1 on the ROCK64, GoShimmer and Coordicide
GoShimmer Tutorial Coordicide alphanet DE
GoShimmer Tutorial Coordicide alphanet EN
GoShimmer playbook

Pine64 Deploying full IOTA node on a ROCK64 4GB ARM64 Board
My experience of building a full Iota node on an ARM64 board
Ensuring stability on the Rock64 with a full Iota node
At last, a stable Rock64 Iota node
Intel NUC node
Buy your own Full Iota Node low-power device
Buy your own Rock64 with Iota node
Deploy IOTA full node to cheap ARM boards
The Race to the Tangle
The Race to the Tangle II. Teamwork
Parallelizing IOTA transactions in Kura
Deltangle: Store and update text files in the tangle
Security Considerations for IOTA Fullnode Operators
Security Hardening

RPi honeycombOS the IOTA Embedded Linux Distribution
honeycombOS v0.1.0 Raspberry Pi
Send DHT11 sensor data to Tangle
Send DHT11 sensor data
IOTA PoW Hardware Accelerator FPGA for Raspberry Pi
PoWChip only 45mW
First confirmed transaction powed by PoWChip
Dev-Board with Cortex M1
Crypto Core FPGA now additionally supports Troika 1.0.1
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA module fully working
IOTA Crypto Core Linux Module booting Linux
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - 1st Progress Report
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - 2nd Progress Report
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - 3nd Progress Report
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - 4th Progress Report
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - 5th Progress Report
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - Final Report
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - Migrated to RISC-V
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA - Security
MicroEngineer reddit
Arm Cortex-M1 processor
IOTA Ecosystem - PoW FPGA
video - IOTA PiDiver / USBDiver PoW Hardware Accelerator Demonstration
video - Quad-PiDiver @ 67.5MHash/s (14.3PoW/s)
video - PiDiver sharing between Raspberry and PC
video - PiDiver doing USBDiving
video - Quad PiDiver
video - PiDiver - Final Design
Make your own de10-nano FPGA pow node
IOTA Crypto Core FPGA Project
Hardware acceleration of cryptocurrency for IoT micropayments
video - FPGA hardware accelerator for Curl computation in IOTA cryptocurrency
video - FPGA accelerated IOTA POW (33 Mh/s demo)
FPGA based hardware accelerator for IOTA Curl and POW operations
carIOTA - Car data to IOTA Tangle
carIOTA II - Car data to IOTA Tangle
carIOTA II Demo
How ElaadNL built a PoC Charge Station running fully on IOTA
World's first IOTA Smart Charging Station
LoraWAN and IOTA: Proof of Concept of storing data in real time in the Tangle
Part 1 - IoT platform cost and value comparison
IOTA cIRI on a BeagleBone Black with Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded
video - IOTA Compass - Deploying your own IOTA testnet and coordinator! - Part 1
video - IOTA Compass - Deploying your own IOTA testnet and coordinator! - Part 2
Why ROS is perfect for IOTA
The IOTA ROS (Robot Operating System) Project
RaspiTIN - Smart Traffic Information Node PoC
Air Quality Sensor + Masked Authenticated Message Broker
IOTA Insta Ad Board
Weather Station & FPGA Device Talking via the IOTA Network
Mobile Air Quality Module // Democratizing Public Data
Air Pollution Monitor
Distributed Health Record Using IoT and IOTA
Advanced Trash Management with IOTA
Logistical: event management with the Industry Marketplace
MQTT broker, translate messages into MAM streams
MQTT and MAM: Sending temperature and humidity data to the IOTA Tangle
Smart Packing Station
IOTA Machine Payment Module by AKITA
PAYota - Pay for What You Use
Pay Per Coffee
Choose Best Service at Best Price in Industry Marketplace
DIOTA Library - Delphi wrapper around IOTA
Delphi XE6+

Iota Controlled agenT (Ict)
IctReport Control Panel
Ict - Software Architecture
Ict network visualizer
The ultimate IOTA-Ict tutorial : General edition
IOTA Ict Installation tutorial
Simple Raspberry Pi setup tutorial
IOTA Omega-Ict tutorial: noob edition
RPi Ict Installation
Ict Galaxy
Ict 0.6 and Bridge.ixi
Ict IOTA Controlled agenT on Android
How to set up a free micro VPS on Google Cloud Platform
CHAT.ixi - Using Ict for Permissionless Chat
Github - chat.ixi
Economic Clustering - ec.ixi
IOTA Omega-Ict tutorial: Chat.ixi and Report.ixi

1 Integrating physical devices with IOTA
Integrating physical devices with IOTA
2 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - WiFi edition
Integrating physical devices with IOTA - WiFi edition
3 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Adding a user interface
4 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Managing price and addresses
5 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Using RFID with IOTA
6 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - The IOTA debit card, Part 1
7 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - The IOTA debit card, Part 2
8 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - The IOTA debit card, Part 3
9 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - The IOTA payment terminal
10 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Bio-metric authentication
11 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - The IOTA LED Cube
12 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Car-IOTA Part 1
13 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Car-IOTA Part 2
14 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Philips Hue edition
15 Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Zigbee edition
Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Peer-to-peer energy trading with IOTA Part 1
Integrating physical devices with IOTA - Amazon Alexa
GitHub - source code

Node Red IOTA ESP32 Wallet
Running the IOTA CClient library on ESP32
IOTA Wallet application on ESP32

Integrating my Smart Home into the Tangle
Home Assistant -IOTA
Home Assistant IOTA
IOTA DoorOpener - Quick Demonstration
IOTA DoorOpener - Installation, Configuration & Demo
IOTA MAM Notification module for Home Assistant
GitHub - iota-websocket-proxy
GitHub - iota-dooropener
GitHub - home-assistant-iota
Ruuvi Station iOS public beta
Ruuvicom tags
GitHub - Ruuvitag
IOTA 101 - Looking at basic tangle interaction using Node.js
Elk: Build blockchain-connected devices in minutes
GitHub - javascript IOTA Workshop
GitHub - arduino IOTA Workshop
GitHub - c IOTA Workshop
GitHub - java IOTA Workshop
GitHub - python IOTA Workshop
GitHub - go IOTA Workshop

hardkernel Tangle sheep
Tangle sheep live (Feeding Hours: 8:00-19:00 CET)
Tangle sheep photos

arduino Arduino MKR1000 - IOT2TANGLE
From Arduino to Tangle
AWS Lambda and IOTA
Dipping our toes into MAM
Sending a transaction

Bosch IOTA, XDK2MAM and Bosch XDK
IOTA, XDK2MAM and Bosch XDK [DE]
Bosch XDK Community
XDK2MAM YouTube channel
Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions presents XDK
Bosch XDK 110 Entwicklerboard | embedded world 2016
What is XDK2MAM? (Subtitles)
Bosch AMA
Twitter - XDK2MAM
XDK2MAM Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) WITH SD CARD
Add IOTA capabilities to your STM32-based project
Cmake based Entangled MAM Library
Cmake based version of Entangled MAM
BeagleBone Black / Wireless
Robert Bosch Venture Capital
Bosch newsletter
Twitter - BoschXDK

ST Microelectronics STMicroelectronics X-CUBE-IOTA1
IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology software expansion for STM32Cube
X-CUBE-IOTA1 or IOTA on STM32, Experiment with the Crypto for IoT
FP-SNS-IOTA1, The Easiest Way to Run and Write an IOTA Application
STM32Cube function pack
STMicroelectronics Updates STM32Cube Software for IOTA Chrysalis
STM32Cube function pack software demonstrating IOTA dlt use cases
Why is IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis 600 million times more efficient than Bitcoin
The new X-CUBE-IOTA1 2.0 is the fastest way to run a proof-of-concept on an IOTA 1.5
Untangled Episode #19: STMicroelectronics
Secure and Effective Implementation of an IOTA Light Node using STM32
SPS Italia 2020: Demonstrating the 4 Trends of Industry 4.0
IOTA Links with STMicroelectronics
STM32Cube function pack for IoT sensor node with cellular connectivity enabling DLT functions
IOTA Links with STMicroelectronics to Accelerate IoT Technology Integration
Introducing IOTA Access
Introducing IOTA Access video
IOT2TANGLE, open-source hub to integrate IoT devices and IOTA
Streams Gateway
I2T Streams Explorer
Introducing Keepy, your Streams Gateway keeper
Demo: IOTA on a Microcontroller (STM32F1)
@eevblog IOTA support on the STM32 now available
GitHub - STM32F1 demo
Embed IOTA
Embed IOTA update I
IOTA-Middleware STM32-Boards
IOTA Masked Authenticated Messaging on OpenSTLinux of STMicroelectronics Discovery Kit
How To Build Your First LoRa Gateway
How To Connect Your First LoRa Device (STM32L072CZ Microcontroller)

Rock64 - 4GB LPDDR3
Tinker Board - 2GB LPDDR3
Tinker Board S - 2GB LPDDR3 + onboard 16GB eMMC storage
Up Squared board

IPFS Tutorial: How to host your own distributed file sharing service on your pc
Host your own IPFS node
Tutorial: How to host your own distributed website in just a few seconds

Coordinator. Part 1: The Path to Coordicide
Coordinator. Part 2: IOTA is a DAG, not a Blockchain
Coordinator. Part 3: Approaches to Coordicide
Coordinator. Part 4: An Open Source Coordinator

Node Red Node-RED IOTA-MAM
Node-RED IOTA MAM module
Node-RED RPi

SnapHash IoTA Streams with SnapHash with absolutely NO code
IoTA Streams with SnapHash with absolutely NO code -video

SonicCELL - software development tool

IOTA tutorials
Send IoT Data to the IOTA Tangle with SAP
IOTA on Azure IoT Edge
Integrate Hyperledger Fabric with IOTA Tangle
Project UNIO
UNIO github
Integrating DLT Into a KNIME Workflow A Beginner's Guide
IOTA: Using Scylla for distributed storage of the Tangle -send a free message to the Tangle
Free Upload and Download of Files to/from the IOTA Tangle - IOTA
Winners of the IOTA Machine Money contest
Economically Autonomous Machines
AI Marketplace and Connected Picture Frame
Car Wallet Pays for Parking Using IOTA
Distributed Health Record Using IoT and IOTA
Machine Money: Empowering Devices with Wallets
IOTAIR: Pay-Per-Use Air Conditioning
Smart Rider - IOTA
IOTA Enabled Solid-State Switch and Power Meter
Circular Energy - Renewable Energy Charging Station Network
IOTA Wi-Fi Hotspot for Urban Space
A live bus tracking system with IOTA
Industry 4.0 Car Parking Marketplace (IOTA+iBeacon+ML)
Autonomous Drone Delivery and Charging System
Haystack - IOTA based anonymous and secure messaging application
Autonomous Marketplace Device
IOTA MAM & RIOT guides
IOTA platformIO integration
RIOT-OS support
Interact with IOTA through PHP
Accept payments and donations with IOTA in seconds.

Project outline: The Sensor-Tangle Gateway
Publishing data in IOTA Tangle with Omega2 and MAM
Read Energy Meter over Modbus RTU
Espiota - machine payments
Espiota: A configurable device enabling IOTA payments for machines
Espiota - next level machine payments using IOTA's Tangle technology
Pagi IoT relay - receive IOTA payments, negotiate prices, issue refunds

Chrysalis visualizer
Trinity Desktop Wallet
IOTA Node Pool -The Tangle main net -Pollen Analyzer
Light Wallet Servers & Nodes: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27


Top 10 Location'sNodes (*)
de Germany*
us United States*
nl Netherlands*
jp Japan*
ca Canada*
cn China*
fr France*
br Brazil*
gb United Kingdom*
ru Russia*

A random sample of 5 tangle nodes.

#IOTA NodeIOTA PortLocationStateCity
1101.89.**.***14265cn ChinaShanghai
2173.249.**.***14265de GermanyBavariaNuremberg
393.180.***.***14265de GermanyNorth Rhine-Westphalia
492.114.***.**14265md Republic of Moldova
5185.183.***.***14600de Germany