IOTA Full Node Installation wiki
VPS IOTA Full Node
How to Run Full Node in Four Simple Steps
Setting up a VPS IOTA Full Node from scratch!
How to setup an IOTA Full Node using docker
CarrIOTA Bolero
Discord -  Join the #nodesharing channel to find neighbors. Join the #fullnodes channel for support.

Pine64 Deploying full IOTA node on a ROCK64 4GB ARM64 Board
My experience of building a full Iota node on an ARM64 board
Ensuring stability on the Rock64 with a full Iota node
At last, a stable Rock64 Iota node
Buy your own Full Iota Node low-power device
Buy your own Rock64 with Iota node
Deploy IOTA full node to cheap ARM boards
The Race to the Tangle
The Race to the Tangle II. Teamwork
Security Considerations for IOTA Fullnode Operators
Security Hardening

IOTA Pearl-Diver (PoW) Core in VHDL for Raspberry Pi

RPi Rock64 - 4GB LPDDR3
Tinker Board - 2GB LPDDR3
Tinker Board S - 2GB LPDDR3 + onboard 16GB eMMC storage
Up Squared board

Light Wallet Servers & Nodes: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7


Top 10 Location'sNodes (*)
de Germany*
us United States*
nl Netherlands*
jp Japan*
ca Canada*
cn China*
fr France*
br Brazil*
ru Russian Federation*
gb United Kingdom*

A random sample of 5 tangle nodes.

#IOTA NodeIOTA PortLocationStateCityISP
1178.79.***.***14265gb United KingdomLondon, City ofLondonLinode, LLC
2173.212.***.**14265de GermanyContabo GmbH
3173.249.*.*14265de GermanyContabo GmbH
488.198.***.**14265de GermanyHetzner Online GmbH
5173.249.**.***14265de GermanyContabo GmbH
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